Our Services


Sewing and Quilting Classes:
Sewing classes are offered on a monthly basis: month is based on 4 weeks. Students will get one hour of instruction per week, quilting classes are two hours per week. Types of classes are: Single student and "Mommy and Me". Classes are limited to four students per session, with the exception of "Mommy and Me" being limited to 3 "Mommy and Me" pairs.

Special Occasions:
Miss T's Sewing Studio is available for your special occasion. Participants will be given sewing safety and get to sew a simple item as a keepsake to take home. Whatever your group, you may find it fun to have your function at Miss T's Sewing Studio.

Sewing Camps:
Sewing camps will be offered throughout the year. Camps will be held during Spring, Winter and/or Summer breaks, other camps will be held for some special days of the year.

Sewing Services:
Custom dresses/clothing, party linens/drapes/decor and much more.